Finance management is not rocket science!

We are a team of accountants and financial analysts – we help to organise, analyse and manage corporate finances, and we make suggestions for business decisions in an understandable way.

Our main task is to become a business partner who understands that decision-making requires not only “Excel” but also business intelligence. Apart from accounting, we can also suggest solutions for situations when your company faces a lack of money to cover liabilities or is required to adopt a risky decision. For you, this means time and cost savings, as well as increased cash flows and profits.


16 years of working experience.

CEO, founder of FAVS.

Business areas: corporate financial analysis, investment management, organisation and management of business activities.

CFA certificate (Chartered Financial Analyst)

16 years of working experience
Rokas Toomsalu

Finance and Business Management Consultant, founder of FAVS.

Business areas: investment management, organisation and management of business activities, investment attraction and retail trade.

Our team consists of professionals with the top qualifications: accountants, analysts and financial management professionals.

Our values

We are here to increase the efficiency of your business!