– With the help of FAVS, we identified weaknesses in our accounting management and set up an improvement plan, most of which has been implemented over the years.

– We have aligned and implemented breakdown reports on the key financial indicators of the company and this has enabled our managers to quickly assess the situation and make relevant, factual and numerical decisions.
– We and our external investors have cooperated and received consultations on issues related to starting up businesses in Western Europe, followed up by the creation of a business plan.
– We have received a lot of valuable consultations on the company’s financial and accounting management issues.

Mantė Januškevičienė
Managing Director
Metasite Business Solutions, UAB

FAVS has helped us to solve problems related to the management of the company’s resources, the development of financial goals and a strategy for their achievement. We have been given clear and comprehensible comments on the key financial indicators of the company, which in turn has resulted in more rational corporate decision-making. They offer excellent advice on making one or another decision.

Aidas Ditkus
Amber Paper UAB

So far, we have only the best feedback on our cooperation. I.e., we have received:
– Timely, detailed answers;
– A demonstration of goodwill in finding the best financial and business control methods and products;
– Professionalism;
– Flexibility;
– Sincere and friendly attitude from the executives and good communication in terms of explaining the ways that financial analytics can be integrated into our business management processes (including costs and prices, employee performance levels, financial analysis of separate customers and product suppliers).

Romualdas Dudutis
UAB Agrokonsultos grupė

Our cooperation with FAVS has helped us to look deeper into the company’s finances, to understand our cash flows, to project potential opportunities and threats and to be certain that all of our accounting issues are in good hands. FAVS has helped us to solve the issue of our sales profitability and has ensured effective cost controls. I can safely recommend FAVS as a reliable and flexible financial management partner.

Saulius Gintautas
UAB "Tvirta komanda"

The best thing is that I am certain my accounting and other documents will be arranged on time, in accordance with the applicable laws and with regard to my company’s needs. The consolidated report makes it possible to see where problems exist in my company and where things are all right. It is also important for me to have periodic meetings with the company representatives to discuss all the various issues related to bookkeeping and my company’s financial strategy.

DSc Viktoras Sidorovas
Vilniaus lazerinės dermatologijos centras

The high-quality accounting software introduced to us by FAVS makes it easy to issue invoices and manage our warehouse operations – which are things we could not do before we came here. The fast execution of the FAVS accounting tasks has accelerated many of our company’s processes. If you want your company to grow and earn greater profits, we recommend FAVS.

Deividas Mikaliūnas
PRO7 - Viskas Švarai

Our accounting processes have been sorted out, it has become clearer where we should spend our money and where we can save, and our financial management has become easier. I particularly appreciate the monthly meetings where we can discuss the company’s financial situation. I receive a lot of useful tips during these meetings, and sometimes we are able to consider whether it is worthwhile to take an action or refuse it, if we see that it will cost too much or may not generate the expected return.

Nijolė Miknevičienė
UAB „1-asis vertimų biuras“

FAVS has helped us to put our financial statements in order and to structure our expenditure and income lines appropriately, which makes it easy to assess the dynamics of our financial flows over the longer term, to see their impact on the company’s operations and to make the right decisions. We are very grateful for the timely and insightful financial analysis which has been ensured through the development of this structure. In fact, it can be said that we have acquired a high-quality finance director who is quick to provide insights, excellent analyses and easy-to-compare data. I am certain that the decision to replace our bookkeeping with FAVS was a major shift in the quality of our internal operations and one of our best administrative decisions.

Ignas Silevičius
Development Manager